Enter The Best Event Innovation

This award is for innovation in events; this encompasses everything from live experience events to innovative social media campaigns, data gathering and registration services to any other innovation which you feel has taken the event experience to a new level. If you have introduced an innovative new element to one of your events in the past 12 months, then this is the category for you.

If your entry relates to the introduction of a new technology or the use of existing technology, please enter the Technology Award.

Examples of organisations that should enter: Providers, Event Management Companies, Exhibition Organisers, Conference Organisers, Sport Promoters, Music and Live Entertainment Promoters.

Entry is by a 5 A4 page submission; The judges would like to see hard evidence and results from any unique aspect you have introduced to events in the past 12 months. Please address the key criteria set out below, backed up by photos (4 minimum), laying out any additional info (e.g. videos etc) in a clear manner.

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